What We’ve Learned From Recent Security Breaches

A string of security breaches in Equifax, Yahoo!, Linkedin, J.P.Morgan, Home Depot, Sony, Target, and even the NSA, has continued to prompt the industry to discover better ways enhance cyber security in organizations around the world.

Cyber security graduate programs are offering students a cyber security masters in order to learn from breaches of the past and help combat these attacks in the future.

In a survey that looked at how tech companies prepared for cyber attacks, PricewaterhouseCoopers asked 500 U.S. business, law enforcement and government executives about cyber security. 98% of small and mid-size businesses said they are increasing their resources devoted to cyber security, and 50% are increasing their spending and investing in active response, not infrastructure. 46% of those surveyed say that media attention has increased awareness of the issue.

Recently, the Today Show aired a segment on how IBM has created a new way for cyber security experts to enhance their skills. Using a fictitious international company, cyber security experts are put through a simulated hack where there has been an attack on both the building (eg. the elevator is stuck), and on data (eg. hacking into patient and financial records). In the segment, IBM reported that there are more than 30 – 35 billion security events each year.

With the number of cyber security events continuing to grow, the demand for cyber security graduate programs and graduates of cyber security masters degrees continue to  grow as well.

George Mason’s MS in Management of Secure Information Systems is a cyber security masters degree providing a path to enhance professionals in the cyber security field and put them at the forefront of addressing cyber security challenges. This cyber security program provides students with the leadership and management expertise needed, while addressing the specific technology and policy challenges of modern information systems and networks. This cross-disciplinary program draws on the expertise of faculty members within the School of Business, Schar School of Policy and Government, and Volgenau School of Engineering.

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Most Common Cybersecurity Resource Investments

Source: PWC Survey

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