3 Things You Need to Know About Our CIO Certification

The position of chief information officer (CIO) continues to grow in importance in companies and it doesn’t seem like this is going to change anytime soon. At George Mason University School of Business, the Chief Information Officer Graduate Certificate (CIO certification) is offered to MS in Technology Management students as part of their degree program to assist them in their goals to become a CIO.

What is it?

The CIO Certification program helps IT professionals gain core competencies necessary for advancement into executive level roles that manage IT resources and strategy within organizations. The CIO certification program specifically focuses on the following topics.

CIO Certification Topics

  • enterprise architecture and IT governance
  • management of information security
  • IT project management
  • managing IT investments
  • managing IT operations
  • emerging technologies

What it Takes to Get It?
Students must complete 15 credits in order to complete the CIO Certification at Mason. Students enrolled in the MS in Technology Management program will complete 14 of the required credits as part of the degree program. Required Courses

Who Should Get It?

Applicants are expected to be current students in the MS Technology Management program. Students may use the credits completed in the CIO certification as part of their graduate degree requirements.

Mason’s MS in Technology Management degree program helps you further your technology leadership career, positioning you to take advantage of opportunities as you sharpen your ability to adapt and excel in an ever rapidly changing business environment. The Master’s in Technology Management degree program at George Mason provides students with an executive-level perspective and the right skill portfolio to manage across all business disciplines. The program has a relevant and focused curriculum, experienced faculty, flexible program design for working professionals, active IT industry and global partnerships, and accomplished students and alumni.

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    Lokesh Aa


    Hope all is well.
    I would like to learn more about CIO Certification program.

    I have a Bachelors’s degree from India and have 23+ years of IT experience.
    Worked as an Enterprise Architect/Sr Solution Architect for around 15 years in the USA.

    Appreciate your help.


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