BizEd on Why It’s Critical That Business Schools Realign Their Incentives to Encourage Faculty to Produce Research Useful to Society

A recent article by William Glick, Anne Tsui, and Gerald Davis on May 02, 2018, in BizEd addresses the need for business schools to encourage faculty research designed less to enhance scholarly reputations and more to produce returns for society.

The article explains that the current funding model for business school research has some issues: Stakeholders unknowingly pay for research that seldom benefits them, business research does not address the critical problems of business and society, the current model is unsustainable as business schools compete for resources in the future, business school scholarship can be a diversion of resources in ways that benefit faculty, not society, and faculty research infrequently impacts practice.

Because of this industry wide concern, the Community for Responsible Research in Business Management (cRRBM) was recently formed by AACSB to address these issues. The community comprises a diverse group of 24 scholars, journal editors, and deans from ten countries in three continents, and it represents all of the major disciplines in business schools. A Delphi study was also performed, collecting opinions from other scholars, summarizing them, and redistributing them for further discussion.

The AACSB believes the industry is at a turning point. In 2016, AACSB celebrated its centennial, and during the association’s first 100 years of existence, the business world saw the rise of large corporations and their growing need for managerial talent. But AACSB believes business organizations today have been greatly affected by the spread of the knowledge economy, the disintermediation of supply chains, and growing societal challenges.

In late 2017, the cRRBM published its first position paper, “A Vision of Responsible Research in Business and Management: Striving for Useful and Credible Knowledge.” In it, the AACSB articulates a vision for “a future in which business schools and scholars worldwide have successfully transformed their research toward responsible science, producing useful and credible knowledge that addresses problems important to business and society.”

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