New Mason Research Policies: Authorship Guidelines, Human Subjects Research, and Conflict of Interest Disclosure Procedures for Sponsored Projects

Updated and new Mason Research Procedures and Policies were announced by Office of Sponsored Programs and the Office of the Provost recently that will impact our work in the School of Business. Here is a recap of information about the new policies for your review:

George Mason Authorship Guidelines: The University has updated polices recently regarding authorship and authorship disputes. Mason has adopted principles based upon the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Report on Fostering Research Integrity that should be implemented in all academic writing. The principles cover:  Discussing Authorship Proactively;  Being Consistent:  Primary Author, Co-Authors, and Acknowledgements; Authorship Order; and Resolving Authorship Disputes.

Human Subjects Common Rule Policy Update: There are some upcoming changes to regulations and policies about human subjects’ research. The Common Rule (U.S. federal regulation for human subjects research has recently been updated with a compliance date of January 21st, 2019.  The motivation for the update is the changing nature of research:  new technologies such as mobile and IoT provide the means for collecting and integrating data on a greater scale and from diverse sources; research settings are expanding far beyond the academic centers; public engagement in research in increasing and there are changes in the risks and benefits to participating in research. Major changes to the Common Rule are in the consent process and an increase in exempt categories. Please note that there is a new consent form template in IRBNet. The Federal Register filing for the new rule is at:

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Procedures for Sponsored projects:  Important changes will affect your applications for external funding. Changes include:  Disclosure requirements now apply to all applications for federal funding;  Disclosures will be annual and not for each project;  Disclosures are required for all faculty, postdoctoral research fellows and  individuals responsible for design, conduct or reporting of externally funded research.

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