Office of Research Computing, School of Business High Performance Computing Workshop and Furthering School of Business Research with the Argo Cluster

Many School of Business faculty are undertaking research with very large data sets and / or highly computation intensive applications. For these, desktop computers are often not practical.

The Mason Office of Research can provide support and computing capability to assist. The Office hosts the Mason high performance computing cluster – Argo; provides grid computing and associated resources through XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Development Environment – a consortium of 19 supercomputer centers; hosts the MEMORI data storage system for faculty research data; and provides pre and post award research computing support.

To further introduce, the Office of Research Computing to School of Business Faculty, Associate Dean for Research, Rich Klimoski invited Jayshree Sarma, Director, Office of Research Computing and Jeff Bassett, Computational Research Scientist to meet with faculty and provide an overview of the Office and the Argo Cluster at a workshop on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 9th.

The Argo Cluster currently has 79 notes, 1500 processors and 28 GPUs and Mason also provides access to development tools such as C/C++, Python and R, specialized libraries including for machine learning w/ TensorFlow, Keras and PyTorch and for simulation and analysis with Amber, Gromacs, Cloudy and QuantumEspresso

Jayshree, Jeff and the office are very supportive and are open to adding new software (for example a site license for Matlab) and tailoring capabilities to research needs.

Rich and Jayshree are planning for a followup workshop this fall.

Rich Klimoski introducing the workshop and and potential for School of Business partnering w/ the Office of Research Computing.









Jeff Bassett describing the Argo Cluster and how to get started using for research.



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