Supporting the Research Interests of School of Business Term Faculty by Rich Klimoski, Professor, Management and Psychology; Director, Faculty Research

The School of Business currently enrolls more than 5,000 students in business education. To meet this demand, it currently employs 120 full-time faculty. This academic year approximately half of this number have been recruited and hired as Term faculty. As such, their primary responsibility is to teach, promote learning and the professional development of our students. But it turns out a substantial number of Term faculty also have interests in conducting research.

Thus, one goal of our initiative is to identify ways that Term faculty would be better able to enact their identity as researchers. But in doing so we also hope to find ways that research-oriented term faculty can contribute to our SBUS mission in a way that complements their teaching responsibilities. Among other things this could include working collaboratively with tenured faculty on papers aimed at practitioners or educators.

In response to this situation the School has embarked on an effort to ascertain just what these interests imply by way of possible support. In response to a solicitation of interest over 14 SBUS Term faculty have volunteered to assist in mapping out the nature and extent of research support needs. With this at hand a subgroup was convened recently in order to start on this inquiry.

The initial meeting was useful in surfacing details regarding the research support needs of Term faculty. Among these included access to expertise in conducting statistical analysis, access to research participants and opportunities (and venues) for Term faculty to meet and share research ideas. The session also generated many ideas regarding how these needs might be met.

One other outcome of this organizational meeting was the creation of a team to take on the responsibility to organize and summarize the notes that were taken. Special thanks to Mike King (ISOM), Betsy Tretola (Marketing), and Niki Vlastara (Marketing) for their willingness to take this on. Once this compilation is done, materials will be circulated among the research oriented Term faculty for elaboration and prioritization.

Look to future editions of this Research Newsletter for updates and actions taken in support of our efforts.
For further information or to become engaged in this initiative, contact Rich Klimoski (

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