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Clodagh Bassett

I am the assistant program director of the Master of Science in Technology Management program. In my more than 13 years working with this program, I have seen students grow and mature within the program to achieve their career goals. My goal is to always have a satisfied customer/student.

The Changing Role of the Healthcare CIO

Today, the healthcare CIO has his hand in many aspects of operations. In the constantly evolving healthcare system, the CIO has been steadily gaining greater responsibilities. In a recent whitepaper, SSi Search dubbed the CIO as “healthcare’s new million dollar man” since today’s healthcare CIO is in charge of a large percentage of the annual budget, […]

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Who should get a Masters degree in Technology Management?

What are your goals? Aiming to be CIO? CEO? Start a successful technology business? Or just move up the ranks into an IT leadership position within your current organization? Today’s economy has changed most of our career expectations, but what hasn’t changed is how education opens new doors and new opportunities. A masters degree in […]

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Alumni Spotlight: Alfred N. D. Smith III ’04

Sprinting Up the Corporate Ladder Generally every student attending a graduate degree program does so with the intent of career progression, eventually. But Alfred N. D. Smith III, MS Technology Management ’04, may take the record for the quickest career transition up the ladder while still in a program. “When I began the program I […]

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Alumni Spotlight: Seth C. Pickett ’05

Breaking Through Cultural Barriers to Improve Business Interactions Technology has brought the business world closer. We are all within reach of each other, regardless of location, with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Time zones have become irrelevant. Work days have pushed all boundaries. There are no longer standard business hours between 9 and 5, but […]

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