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Janet Palmisano

Janet Palmisano is a member of the Recruiting and Admissions team at the George Mason University School of Business.

Career Success in Tech Management

Career success in tech management is fluid as IT professionals aren’t restricted to one industry. Sure, there tons of IT jobs in the IT industry but tech management professionals are needed in every industry. This is highlighted by a recent survey shows that there is only a 3-4% unemployment rate among technology professionals in the United […]

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How Safe Are You from Cyber Attacks?

Did you know that 1 in 3 computer users have been a victim of viruses, spyware or phishing? As advancements in technology continue to move forward, so does malicious intent continue to grow. According to the infographic below, cyber crime costs $8.9 billion annually. The need for professionals to fight against these cyber crimes by […]

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Combating Cyber Attacks on Government Agencies

Cyber attacks against government agencies continue to be a persistent threat to both national and personal security. As new technologies are developed and reliance on internet based applications grows, so will the need to combat cyber threats. Demand for trained cyber security professionals and managers continues to grow among government agencies. According to the infographic […]

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