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7 Cyber Security Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

Organizations face many challenges with regards to cyber security. As technology continues to evolve, so does the sophistication of cyber attacks against organizations. In efforts to combat these attacks, it is important to recognize the cyber security myths or misconceptions of cyber security both in the public and in the boardroom. Below is an infographic […]

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Hiring Trends: Cyber Security in 2017

The cyber security industry has been—and is expected to continue to be—a “hot” industry for job growth. There has been a steady increase in hiring as well as an increase in salaries. These hiring trends are expected to continue for cyber security in 2017, along with other IT sectors. According to the infographic below titled, […]

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A New Challenge: Managing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t a new concept but it has been gaining momentum over the past year. What does that mean for tech jobs? How will technology managers adjust to managing artificial intelligence? Much artificial intelligence is working on creating a working, usable robot that can perform tasks normally thought to require human intelligence. Human […]

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Worldwide Data Privacy Day – Jan 28, 2017

Data Privacy Day is an international effort held annually on January 28. Its purpose is to empower individuals and businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, by 2020, more than 30.7 billion digital devices will be connected to the internet. With this continued growth of digital […]

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