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Technology Management Program was a ‘Launching Pad’ for Career at Ford

After spending nearly 10 years working in cyber security for the federal government, Greg (Robert) Duhart Jr. was looking to convert his in-depth technical experience into managerial expertise. Mason’s MS in Technology Management program “served as outstanding preparation” for his career transition. Upon completion of his technology management degree in 2016, Duhart was one of […]

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Cyber Security Priorities in 2017 for your Business

It’s time to examine cyber security priorities in 2017. Talk of political hacking still fills news feeds as have other large scale cyber security breaches in late 2016. The cyber security industry will remain at the forefront of today’s business concerns in 2017. Organizations that have yet to prioritize cyber security will face increased challenges […]

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Could Hackers Take Down the Entire Internet?

Hackers have continued to expand their threats and attacks, compromising larger corporations and organizations. These attacks have prompted the question by many cyber security professionals, could hackers take down the entire internet? According to a recent article published in TechNewsWorld, cyber security expert Bruce Schneier warns the United States that nations have been probing the […]

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The Top Cyber Security Trends of 2016

The cyber security industry is growing. This isn’t news to anyone as the use of technology in every aspect of life continues to grow too. And with this increase in use will naturally come an increased need for protection of valuable information. The infographic below titled, “Cyber Security Trends 2016” highlights some current trends in […]

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Tech Management Basics for Business that Everyone Should Know

Technology management professionals looking to transform their knowledge and vision into strategic action often pursue a Master’s in Technology Management to advance into a leadership role. Experienced tech managers or project leaders bring strong IT knowledge to the program and often, tech management basics for business. But they need to further develop business fundamentals and […]

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