Cyber Security Jobs Booming in Virginia and DC

Northern Virginia has become a hotbed for the technology sector including the booming cyber security industry. According to the infographic below from the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), 55% of tech job openings in Virginia are for cyber security jobs, with 10,000 federal cyber security job openings. In today’s digital world, the need for information […]

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Cyber Security Threats Lead to Cyber Skills Crisis

Cyber security threats continue to lead news headlines on a regular basis. As more measures of protection that are implemented, more ways to circumvent those security measures are being invented. Just recently, reports of hackers breaching and exposing the secure medical records of U.S. Olympic athletes have been all over the news. With  cyber terrorism on the […]

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Career Success in Tech Management

Career success in tech management is fluid as IT professionals aren’t restricted to one industry. Sure, there tons of IT jobs in the IT industry but tech management professionals are needed in every industry. This is highlighted by a recent survey shows that there is only a 3-4% unemployment rate among technology professionals in the United […]

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