2012 International Residency – Singapore

This year’s international residency will take place in Singapore. The goal of the residency is to enhance the student’s exposure to Social (and cultural), Technological, Economic, and Political (and regulatory) (STEP) aspects and their consequent impact on the business environment. The choice of location, along with the speakers and interaction with the business executives during […]

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“Fresh Meat”

As I watched the new class roll in a couple weeks ago, it reminded me of how life used to be.  Nights spent doing enjoyable things.  No angry mumblings to oneself over how a given textbook isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. No random “snapping” at unsuspecting spouses or significant others for seemingly no reason.  Back in […]

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Tom Willert Makes us Proud

Hired by a Class of 1998 alumna Tom Willert, Class of 2001 has proven himself in more ways than one: “……………I began as a software and field engineer in support of the intelligence community, but very quickly I observed that companies weren’t very good with passing down the lessons learned to make that success go […]

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