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MS in Cyber Security: The More You Know the More Prepared You Are

Preparation is key when it comes to cyber security. Job growth is exploding in the cyber security industry, and finding cyber security professionals with the knowledge needed to excel in the industry continues to be a challenge. An MS in Cyber Security can accelerate career growth in this rapidly expanding field. According to the infographic […]

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Hiring Trends: Cyber Security in 2017

The cyber security industry has been—and is expected to continue to be—a “hot” industry for job growth. There has been a steady increase in hiring as well as an increase in salaries. These hiring trends are expected to continue for cyber security in 2017, along with other IT sectors. According to the infographic below titled, […]

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Cyber Security Threats Lead to Cyber Skills Crisis

Cyber security threats continue to lead news headlines on a regular basis. As more measures of protection that are implemented, more ways to circumvent those security measures are being invented. Just recently, reports of hackers breaching and exposing the secure medical records of U.S. Olympic athletes have been all over the news. With  cyber terrorism on the […]

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Mason Cyber Security Master’s Degree Impacts Careers

Potential students often ask, “What is the impact of the Mason cyber security master’s degree on my career?” What graduates of the program know is that a degree in cyber security gives you the edge you need in a highly competitive field. If you are a technology professional looking to enhance your leadership career, Mason’s MS in […]

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