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Cyber Security Degree Fills Leadership Gap

Supply and demand is one of the most important concepts in business. Without demand, it is very difficult for businesses to thrive. The cyber security jobs market is thriving. Demand is outpacing supply, and today the demand for cyber security leaders is high. Below is a chart showing the Hot IT Career Choices and their […]

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Cyber Security Breaches Increase Demand for Cyber Security Degrees

As cyber security breaches continue to increase, so does the demand for cyber security degrees. According to the infographic below, 1,993,210 records are lost or stolen every day, 83,050 every hour, 1,384 every minute and 23 every second. 66% of breaches have occurred in North America. The hardest hit industry is the banking industry, with […]

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Cyber Security Jobs Abound

The growth of cyber security jobs is outpacing the supply of qualified professionals. This growing need for qualified cyber security professionals can only be expected to continue to climb as corporations continue to rely on cyberspace as one of their predominant domains and while business continues to be conducted worldwide using continually expanding technology. The […]

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