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Using a Cyber Security Degree in Healthcare

With the growing use of technology in healthcare, the security risks to patients’ sensitive, personal information are also growing. The healthcare industry is in need of cyber security experts to maintain electronic healthcare documents, as well as transition older practices from paper documentation to electronic documentation. The new generation of professionals with a cyber security […]

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Small Businesses are Unprepared for Cyber Security Attacks

Protecting data is of great importance to all companies these days. Data breaches that occur in large organizations often receive the most publicity, but many small businesses experience frequent online security threats that impact consumer privacy. According to the infographic below, 1 in 2 American workers are employed by a small business, and 65% of […]

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Why is Cybersecurity Innovation Important?

Today’s continuing increase in the use of digital technology has made cybersecurity innovation one of the most important aspects of all businesses, and it is continuing to grow. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, in 2014 69% of executives were concerned about cyber threats, and in 2015, that number jumped to 86%. Cybersecurity is at the […]

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The Changing Role of the CIO

As technology evolves, so has the role of the CIO and the core competencies required to be successful. It is integral for aspiring and current CIOs to update their skillsets to align with the changes in technology. Professional development, either through a masters in technology management degree or CIO certification, can fulfill this need. The […]

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