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MBA Program vs Masters in Technology Management

As business and technology become more intertwined, jobs in the technology management sector are becoming more competitive. In addition to IT expertise, you now also need a foundation in business management. Certifications and advanced degrees are becoming a key differentiator. What degree is right for you… an MBA program or a Masters in Technology Management? […]

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Networking Connections………

Networking connections at the graduate level should never be underplayed. As you consider graduate programs and schools add a thought category or column titled Networking. Consider whether the program and university has an effective, connected network. Will you have a ready database to go to should you be caught in the next round of layoffs? […]

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Tom Willert Makes us Proud

Hired by a Class of 1998 alumna Tom Willert, Class of 2001 has proven himself in more ways than one: “……………I began as a software and field engineer in support of the intelligence community, but very quickly I observed that companies weren’t very good with passing down the lessons learned to make that success go […]

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