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BUS 498 Capstone Case Competition

Top team from each section of the BUS 498 course will have the opportunity to participate in the first round of the school-wide BUS 498 case competition. These teams will analyze a pre-selected case and prepare a 12-minute oral presentation that identifies the key issues and provides recommendations for improving the company's competitive position.

Panels of community business professionals will judge student presentations and responses to questions. The winners of the first round will compete in the final round. A new panel of judges will evaluate these final-round presentations. The winning team will receive a cash prize of $1,500. The #2 and #3 teams will receive cash prizes of $500 and $250, respectively.

BUS 498 competition

BUS 498 Course Description

The BUS 498 Case Competition is a major component of BUS 498 Capstone Course: Advanced Business Models. This capstone course is an advanced integrated exploration of business models and industry dynamics. Students integrate the specific core concepts-the principles of accounting, information systems and operations management, finance, management, and marketing-learned up to this point in the Mason School of Business to identify and assess competition, strategies, and competitive advantage.

Students also learn traditional strategic management concepts including: the strategy process, the role of top management, resources and capabilities, industry and competitor analysis, competitive scope, strategy implementation, and innovation and growth. Understanding how the various functional areas fit together and determining the performance of the firm is the essence of this capstone course.