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Our Work

Working together for a better tomorrow is at the core of George Mason University’s mission. At the School of Business, we believe that business should be a force for good, though achieving that lofty vision necessitates reorienting business education and engaging the leaders of today and tomorrow on the world’s wicked problems. With that goal in mind the Center will:

                   Business For A Better World Educate Business For A Better World Generate         

                   Business For A Better World Convene Business For A Better World Effect

                                                                     Business For A Better World Lead


Tomorrow’s leaders should define and deliver value to all stakeholders. To prepare them for that responsibility, we need to remake business education. We show students the critical role that business plays in addressing the world’s problems by providing hands-on, thought-provoking, and distinctive learning experiences.


We believe that a better world is everyone’s business, and that everyone can contribute to the cause. As a premier research University, knowledge generation is where we excel. But more than just creation, with the help of students and faculty from across the University, we aspire to be a hub of research activity that leads to action and impacts society.


The Center connects today’s top professionals with the problem solvers of tomorrow. Our students learn from experts who have changed their companies and industries for the better so students can apply those lessons throughout their careers.


Nothing has ever changed simply because people talked about it. Changing the world requires engaging with it. It’s why we pursue and develop action-oriented partnerships with organizations and communities, both near and far.


Lasting change is only possible through collaboration. Because we understand the power of working together, we are building a coalition of partner schools and organizations to accomplish our ambitious goals.