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Business For A Better World Center, Convene


B4BW connects today’s top professionals with the problem solvers of tomorrow. Our students learn from experts who have changed their companies and industries for the better so students can apply those lessons throughout their careers.

Speaker Series

Bringing business leaders to campus, and to our students specifically, is central to our mission. It is essential they hear from and have access to those who are changing their industries and making progress on the issues discussed in the classroom. Our Business for a Better World Speaker Series brings social impact and sustainability thought leaders from top-tier companies directly to our students where they discuss the issues facing our world. This spring we will host Kerry Kennedy on April 16.

In our short time, we’ve already welcomed several prominent speakers, including: Jeff Foote, former Chief Sustainability Officer at Coca-Cola, Dymphna van der Lans and Jean-Louis Racine, of the Clean Cooking Alliance, and Robert Putnam, Author of Bowling Alone and The Upswing.

Stakeholder Roundtable Series

Like much in our society, the gospel of shareholder capitalism – the belief that the sole purpose of a corporation is to make money for its shareholders – is currently experiencing a long-overdue reexamination and upheaval. It is becoming increasingly clear that the seemingly intractable issues of our time, ever-growing income inequality, persistent gender and racial inequity, and alarming environmental degradation will only be addressed if our corporations consider and are judged by the value they provide to all stakeholders. Businesses must change their practices to meet the changing values and expectations of today, not retreat to what is comfortable or easy.

To help ensure forward progress is maintained, B4BW is pleased to announce it's Stakeholder Roundtable Speaker Series, a series of dynamic conversations in 2021 intent on driving stakeholder capitalism further into the mainstream and changing the trajectory of our corporations. These conversations will explore stakeholder capitalism, what it means, and how it can be applied to our businesses in a world rife with persistent inequality, social injustice, racial bias, and political polarization.

The first, held on February 11, featured Peter Georgescu, a leading advocate for business governance to evolve from shareholder primacy to stakeholder capitalism.