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Nothing has ever changed simply because people talked about it. Changing the world requires engaging with it. It’s why we pursue and develop action-oriented partnerships with organizations and communities, both near and far.

Bee Economics:

Working with MVLE, a Northern Virginia nonprofit organization dedicated to providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities and other barriers, the Center carries out its goal to be a force for the public good. Through this partnership, individuals at MVLE will become budding entrepreneurs as they make candles from beeswax.

The Center’s HBI also operates in both Perú and Colombia, with the goal in mind of using sustainable beekeeping to empower local communities and drive economic development. In Perú, we’ve worked with community beekeepers to establish vertical hives, expand their colonies, create a market for honey and bee-related products, and integrate forest conservation into the community culture.

In Colombia, the bee program supports sustainable, entrepreneurial beekeeping programs to foster economic self-sufficiency for indigenous women and their families. We were immensely proud to have our efforts in Colombia recognized this year as the 15th best overall social and environmental project in Latin America and the Caribbean by the Latinoamérica Verde awards. The project was selected based on the results we have achieved in promoting sustainable development and the conservation of bee biodiversity.

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