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Careers in Real Estate Development

Real estate develops, builds, and operates the built environment of our neighborhoods and cities. Real estate reflects where and how we live, work, create, entertain, and develop ourselves. Real estate economic activity and jobs therefore are a major part of our national and regional economies. In 2019, real estate development contributed $3.9 trillion or 18% of national GDP and supported over 26 million jobs. In Virginia, real estate companies contributed over $180 billion to the state economy and supported 209,000 jobs.

The Washington D.C. metropolitan real estate market is ranked as one of the top gateway investment and development markets in the country. Careers related to real estate range broadly from real estate finance, investment, development, lending, project management, design, property management, consulting, construction, leasing, and corporate functions. Critical skills important for successful real estate careers include financial analysis, management, accounting, market analysis, and business development. 

Coming in Fall 2021 - Real Estate Development Minor: The Real Estate Development Minor provides any student with an interest in real estate, urban planning, or other aspects of the built environment, a solid foundation of practical knowledge. Though a combination of lectures, site visits, and group projects students will gain experience in analyzing issues related to the built environment and developing actionable strategies related to the real estate business. Learn more from the Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship.

Schedule an Appointment: Make an appointment with one of the Career Services members to talk about a career in Real Estate. Call (703) 993-2140 or email mycareer@gmu.edu to schedule a one on one appointment (Please note all appointments will be virtual until the university resumes normal operation).

MasonMentor: MasonMentors is a powerful online tool that helps School of Business students connects with a diverse network of mentors across many different career fields. You can access the MasonMentors program by clicking on the link below, review the information and click “Join our Community.”

Attend ProfessionalQuest: Be sure to attend any upcoming ProfessionalQuest: Real Estate events where you will have the opportunity to hear from industry professionals, get information about employers from around the region, hone networking skills, and experience a panel discussion where employers share their insights about careers in Real Estate.