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New Priorities in Federal Spending
New Priorities in Federal Spending, the first in a three-part Webinar Series, will focus on the customer service environment for government and business.

While government and business share the same mission—to make government contracting more efficient and effective in serving the public good—how will both sides of the industry react and implement change to meet the new spending priorities?

Ross Wilkers will moderate a discussion with Dave Zvenyach and Mike Sanders that begins with a common question for each, What does this mean for me?

Is the nature of the approach to drive innovation in leadership, infrastructure, resources, processes, and culture really different for government and business? Or are there commonalities that can best inform one another?


Ross Wilkers, Moderator
Senior Staff Writer
Washington Technology

Michael Sanders
Chief Executive Officer
Interactive Government &
Center Advisory Board Member

Dave Zvenyach
Deputy Commissioner & Director, Technology Transformation Services
Federal Acquisition Service
Venue:Zoom Webinar
Starting:April 15th 2021 at 1:00 pm
Ending:April 15th 2021 at 3:00 pm
Contact Person:Alison Langford
Contact Email:alangfor@gmu.edu