George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Chief Learning Officer Curriculum

To significantly expand your network and share best practices, most business focused C-Suite sessions are delivered in-person jointly with Chief Data Officer and Chief Risk Officer program participants. Learning specific sessions are delivered online within the Chief Learning Officer program cohort. Additional short topics and a panel discussion are also included as the schedule allows.

Program Topics Include:

  1. Business Acumen and Communication (In-Person, Joint Session)

    Strengthen business acumen by understanding proven strategies and best practices for gaining the support of the C-Suite. An introduction to the principles and practices of business acumen; what separates those C-Suite executives who excel at business acumen; and how to successfully engage with the C-Suite by applying the principles to everyday conversations and interactions.

  2. Developing a Human Capital Strategic Plan (Online, CLO Cohort Session)

    Introduction to the concepts of developing a learning and talent strategy that creates value for the organization. Gain the skills and abilities needed to produce a human capital strategic plan, including linking learning to strategy, assessing and analyzing your organization’s current measures of success of your learning programs, and understanding why human capital is critical to the organization, while assessing your organization’s maturity level.

  3. Developing and Executing a Strategic Plan (In-Person, Joint Session)

    Gain an understanding of what is strategy. Identify links between organizations and types of strategy, resources and its link to strategy, environmental challenges and its links to strategy, and value creation with strategy. Once the strategy is created it is even more challenging to execute it and a great deal of this idea will be discussed through the concepts of business models.

  4. Innovation (In-Person, Joint Session)

    Understand principles and best practices that underlie successful innovation. Learn how to apply these principles and practices to the most critical challenges facing your industry. Specifically, how to transform promising ideas into actionable innovations and gain the support of your organization.

  5. Leading Innovation in Learning and the Technologies of Learning (In-Person, CLO Cohort Session)

    Examine best practices in formal and non-formal learning technologies and new generation learning environments that support enterprise learning and performance. Activities are designed to help understand the practice of learning design, current and evolving organizational learning practices, and the affordances of technologies that support the organization’s strategic goals and foster a culture of innovation.

  6. Managing the Learning and Talent Development Operation (Online, CLO Cohort Session)

    Provides a framework for building and sustaining a systematic management approach to Learning and Talent Development as an integral part of your organization’s operation. Focus on capability building, to create a well-managed Learning and Talent Development (L&TD) operation in order to deliver the right people with the right skills at the right time, for the efficient and effective achievement of organization objectives and outcomes into the future.

  7. Relational Leadership (In-Person, Joint Session)

    Appreciate how leaders can improve by taking a relational view towards others in the organization. To lead is to speak directly to the workforce, to understand their concerns, pinch points, frustrations, etc. Taking a relational view goes beyond your relationship with each employee, it encompasses understanding each relationship that employees have. It is up to leaders to create an environment in which individuals go above and beyond, not just because of money or prestige, but because they have friends and colleagues that would do the same for them.

  8. Strategic Thinking, Value Proposition Models and Mission Fulfillment (In-Person, Joint Session)

    Provides analytical tools to focus on value creation in an organization through the concept of business models and its links to strategic management through the process of strategic thinking.

  9. Talent Development Policies (Online, CLO Cohort Session)

    The focus of this session is to examine the framework of policies, procedures, and guidelines that drive how Chief Learning Officers approach managing and developing its vast expanse of talent. Having such a framework is essential to promote alignment with overarching company/agency strategies and to enable decisions and policies that are defensible, valid, and fair.  A fulsome policy framework promotes the soundness of talent development; without it, the talent development organization may be viewed as unstable.  The path we will take discovers topics that should be considered in any policy framework.  We will consider how this framework emboldens efforts to recruit and retain talent. 

  10. Talent Measurement and Analytics (Online, CLO Cohort Session)

    The what, why and how behind talent analytics. Explore alignment with HR analytics and the development of measures/metrics for measuring the business impact of your talent management practices. Understand technologies for data collection, analysis and reporting, and communicating the contribution of talent measurement and analytics to other C-suite executives using the language of business.

  11. The Being of a C-Suite Leader (In-Person, Joint Session)

    Build your capacity to engage in the successful practices of leadership as a member of the c-suite and throughout your career. The emphasis is on your way of being as a leader (the observer you are) and enhancing your capacity to declare commitments to future possibilities and engage others in sharing and fulfilling those commitments.  During the session we will discover the importance of context in confronting managerial challenges and creating opportunities and the role of leadership in shaping conversations that create empowering contexts for organizational actions.

  12. The Business of Talent (Online, CLO Cohort Session)

    Be prepared to manage talent initiatives through the application of standard management practices as well as best practices designed just for the talent field. Many in talent positions do not have an MBA or any experience managing a profit and loss (P&L) center and thus have never been exposed to the basic concepts of planning and execution. Consequently, there is tremendous opportunity in the field to improve results without any increase in resources and to better demonstrate the value of investing in talent. Applying these concepts also significantly increases credibility with senior leadership and improves the ability to secure funding and staff.

  13. Transformation and Change Management (In-Person, Joint Session)

    Identify best practices that anticipate the need to change and build frameworks for steps to use in leading change. Understand resistance to change and how to overcome it, as well as the benefits of the changes your organization is going through.

  14. Value Propositions of Learning and Talent Management (Online, CLO Cohort Session)

    The focus of this session is to discover techniques that discern learning’s and, more broadly, TM’s value.  This value is derived from a variety of sources, such as data analytics and less common (but equally crucial) approaches that must be used to establish the basis for proposing value which must precede verifying or computing the actual value. This session will consider the varying value-centric perspectives that CLOs must take in the learning and TM contexts.