George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

FAQs for C-Suite Development Programs

  1. Are faculty from George Mason?

    A combination of Mason faculty, adjuncts, and subject matter experts teach in the program.

  2. Are the C-suite programs eligible under the GI Bill?

    Not at this time.

  3. Are there any discounts to attend the program?

    Preferred pricing for government employees is $7,650. A promotional code will be provided to those accepted into the program. Please call 703-993-8275 if you are a Mason employee or would like to discuss a group rate.

  4. Do I get university credit for this program?

    This is a non-credit executive development program so you will not earn university credit. However, CEUs (continuing education units) authorized by George Mason University are available upon request. At least two weeks prior to the start of the program, please send your request to execdev@gmu.edu. You will be asked to provide additional personal information in order to have your CEUs properly recorded.

  5. Does participant feedback get incorporated into future programs?

    We value participant feedback and continually update program content and delivery. Many of our past participants remain involved and are delighted to speak with prospective participants.

  6. For the online portion, are there scheduled instructional times or recorded sessions?

    There are one to three scheduled live sessions for each online topic. These generally start between 7 and 8 pm, ET. Live sessions are recorded and posted the next day.

  7. How are the courses conducted?

    As a hybrid program, topics are covered during two multi-day in-person sessions and online. Online topics include a combination of asynchronous components such as discussion boards, presentations, videos, and assignments, as well as live synchronous sessions.

  8. How did the programs originate?

    In 2016, the School of Business and the College of Education and Human Development offered the Executive Chief Learning Officer Program as a for-credit graduate certificate course. Upon review and discussion with the advisory council, it was decided the program would have more flexibility as a non-credit executive development program. In addition to the Chief Learning Officer Program, the Chief Risk Officer and Chief Data Officer programs were added. 

  9. How do I register for the program?

    Once accepted into the program, you will be provided directions on how to register and pay.

  10. How many participants are enrolled?

    The maximum number of participants for a single cohort is 20.

  11. How many programs have been delivered?

    The 2020 programs will be the fourth CLO program, and the third CRO and CDO programs.

  12. How much does the program cost?

    The program is $8,500 and includes all materials, activities, catering, receptions, and a certificate of completion.

  13. How much time will participants need to devote to the program?

    Participants should expect to spend six full days at the George Mason University Arlington Campus as well as participating in 5-6 online topics delivered in two week increments. For each two-week topic there will be approximately 8-10 hours of learning including readings, videos, video presentations, live sessions, discussion boards, and assignments.

  14. How often do participants meet and for how long?

    There are six in-person days and approximately four months of online delivery. Many online topics include one to two hour live, synchronous sessions. A schedule will be provided.

  15. How often is the program offered?

    The program is offered once a year.

  16. How was the curriculum created and courses chosen?

    Advisory Councils were formed from professionals at the c-suite level to help George Mason develop the curricula for each of the C-suite programs. The curriculum is dynamic and changes based on feedback and emerging practices. Advisory council members and affiliations can be found under each program on the Executive Development Website.

  17. Is it possible to arrange a payment plan?

    Full payment is expected before the start of the program. Please contact execdev@gmu.edu with any questions regarding payment.

  18. Is there an application deadline?

    Participants are admitted on a rolling basis up to the start of the program or until the cohort is full.

  19. What are some common student personas/backgrounds/job titles?

    Most participants have at least 6 years of management experience and are at the Director level or above. Approximately half of the participants have been from the public/non-profit sector and half from the private sector. The average age of participants is 45. Suggested participant backgrounds can be found under the “Who Should Attend” page under each program on the Executive Development website.

  20. What learning platform is used?

    Blackboard is used for the C-suite programs.  Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate is used for live sessions.  A tutorial is provided to participants in pdf form, and an optional live tutorial session is offered as well.  All registered participants are given access to Blackboard approximately two weeks prior to the start of the program.

  21. Where can I find the schedule for this year’s program?

    A welcome packet is sent to all registered participants. The welcome packet includes the schedule and additional program details.

  22. Where can I learn about the faculty that will be teaching/facilitating the courses?

    Faculty/instructors and their bios can be found under each program on the Executive Development Website.

  23. Will I be graded?

    In order to receive a certificate of completion, participants will need to complete a minimum of 80% of the work assigned (including assignments, deliverables, discussion boards, and live sessions). At the end of each topic, faculty are asked to provide a summary of participant’s engagement.