George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Leading Transformation in the Print Industry

Offered in partnership with the Association for Print Technologies and open to individuals in the print technology industry.

Designed to provide leaders with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to transform a company and generate continued success in an industry being disrupted by radical change in technologies, markets, business and financial models.

The Leading Transformation in the Print Industry program provides executives in the print industry with new perspectives on managing market disruption, developing and cultivating customer value, and implementing new innovative strategies. Executives will develop a broader set of skills as well as business perspective that provides a solid context for decision-making.

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Program Delivery: Three online sessions via George Mason Blackboard platform

Program Schedule:

Session 1 – Creating a Strategic Vision of the Marketplace

  • July 15 – July 21, Module 1: Understanding the Nature of Marketplace Disruption
  • July 22 – July 28, Module 2: Business Model Innovation
  • July 29 – August 4, Module 3: Customer Focused Strategy

Session 2 – Harnessing a Strategic Vision of the Customer

  • August 12 – August 18, Module 4: Creating a Customer-Focused Organization
  • August 19 – August 25, Module 5: Mastering Customer Dynamics and the Customer Journey
  • August 26 – September 1, Module 6: Creating Sustaining Sources of Value

Session 3 –Leveraging the Voice of the Process

  • September 9 – September 15, Module 7: Customer Value Mapping
  • September 16 - September 22, Module 8: Design for Innovation
  • September 23 - September 29, Module 9: Value Stream Mapping

Meet the Instructors:

  • Gautham Vadakkepatt, PhD, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Retail Academic Director
  • Ioannis Bellos, PhD, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management
  • Saurabh Mishra, PhD, Associate Professor of Marketing and Dean’s Scholar