George Mason UniversitySchool of Business



From current courses to leading edge research, the School of Business’s faculty is actively involved in today’s management and business issues. The School of Business has a mix of more than 80 full-time faculty members and 50 part-time faculty members who are former or current business professionals that are widely published and respected for their expertise. They are deeply engaged in the regional, national, and global business communities, acting as consultants to government, business, and nonprofit clients.

The faculty’s academic expertise combined with real world experience provides a bridge in the classroom from academic theory to business practice.

Our faculty matches the diversity of its student body—with more than forty percent of faculty from international origins and forty-five percent of faculty speaking more than one language—providing a truly global business perspective in the classroom.

Faculty members research projects in current leading global business issues including offshore outsourcing, international financial risk, and comparative systems of innovation and have received and continue to seek extramural funding for research on business practices for managing emerging technology and generating new businesses.