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September 29 - Virginia Business  Patrick Soleymani, associate dean of undergraduate programs, was interviewed by Virginia Business on hiring relatives to work in family businesses.
October 20 - Northern Virginia Magazine “Generally, a grocery store empty shelf is the signal of a demand and supply mismatch,” says Mehmet Altug, an associate professor of ISOM, in an interview with Northern Virginia Magazine.
"The entire global economy is moving towards decentralization. The fact that the SEC didn't raise any objections bodes well for future innovation in the cryptocurrency space," says Sarah Manski, assistant professor, who was interviewed by CNET earlier this week on cryptocurrency coming to Wall [...]
October 18 - Business Insider Assistant Professor Sarah Manski wrote an op-ed for Business Insider on China's new crypto ban.
October 7 - MoneyGeek Accounting Instructor Kevin Matthews was interviewed by MoneyGeek on when it's best to use online software vs hiring an accountant to help with taxes.
Ioannis Bellos, associate professor of information systems and operations management, discussed his research on electric vehicles (EVs) and their adoption with Forbes. "To assess the carbon footprint of any product, one should think about its lifetime emissions— that is, the emissions generated [...]
October 2 - Markets Insider Assistant Professor Sarah Manski was interviewed by Markets Insider on how blockchain can transform society: "They see [blockchain] as a way to enable greater cooperation among humans, enable us to create shared wealth and distribute it more equally."
October 2 - The Wall Street Journal  Professor of Finance Derek Horstmeyer and current student Tyler Harb wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal on how investors can replica their own target data funds to save over three percentage points over a 10 year period of returns.
Brad Greenwood, associate professor of ISOM, was interviewed by the Alexandria Times on how “there have been three significant benefits to body cameras being worn by New York City police officers: more legitimate stops are being made by police; there are fewer complaints alleging officers’ abuse [...]
September 27 - Business Mayor Professor of Finance Steve Pilloff was interviewed by Business Mayor on how “fixed income and stable value investments are an important component for a diversified portfolio.”