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Russell Abratt, professor of marketing, says he does not think the demand for car insurance will go down appreciably. "Although consumers are using their cars less frequently now, mainly because they are working from home, savvy consumers will ask their insurance company for cheaper premiums because [...]
Associate Professor of Management Heather Vough says that the most straightforward benefit of holding multiple jobs is financial. Individuals with multiple jobs have multiple sources of income, which not only means that they can make more money than they may have in one job, but it also means that they [...]
January 13—Medium Professor of Management and Conflict Analysis and Resolution Suzanne de Janasz discusses the five things business leaders can do to create a fantastic work culture.
January 13—Forbes Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management Brad Greenwood believes that gun sales have been increasing manufacturing capacity during the pandemic. He images that their supply chains are going to meet demand.
January 13—The Washington Post According to a peer-reviewed study co-written by Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management Brad Greenwood, more research was needed to understand why Black physicians outperform their White counterparts.
Back in September, Standard & Poor’s announced that the index’s inclusion committee had decided not to add Tesla to the S&P 500. This unexpected news sent Tesla shares tumbling more than 16% in one day. Derek Horstmeyer, professor of finance, says, "Given Tesla’s sheer size — it [...]
January 9—MarketWatch Professor of Finance Gerald Hanweck does not know where commercial bankers are going to be willing to lend large sums to the Trump Organization.
January 7—Forbes Director of the Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship Eric Maribojoc says studies have shown that the lack of affordable housing in our most productive urban employment centers has hurt the bottom line of both companies and local economies.
January 5—Nasdaq Professor of Finance Derek Horstmeyer and Beau Fitzpatrick, a senior finance major, says that a natural consequence of low interest rates is that all investors have to be sustainable investors.   Also appeared in ETF Trends.