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The Business of Well-Being Week - April 12-16, 2021

A full week learning, researching and celebrating the business of well-being.

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Planned events include:

Date Time Event or Program
4/12        9am     Plant-Based Protein Taste Test: Dunkin Donuts Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich v. Starbucks Impossible Breakfast Sandwich (Limited Spaces; Registration Required)
  All Day The Business of Well-Being Video Showcase featuring Mason Student and Alumni Innovators
4/13 10am Farm Tour: Whitehall Farms, LLC (Limited spaces; Registration Required)
  2pm The Business of Physical Well-Being with Jimmy Martin of Brrrn on Zoom (Registration Link)
4/14 10:30am The Business of Financial Well-Being with Mason Alumni Jason Howell of the Jason Howell Company on Zoom (Registration Link)
  1:00pm The Smart People Still Read Books Book Club "Well-Being Edition" - The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner (register by email at ciemason@gmu.edu)
4/15 1pm Video Showcase Zoom Sessions
4/16 10am Video Showcase Zoom Sessions


Join the 2021 Video Showcase!

Have an idea or early-stage venture in the $4.5 Trillion Well-Being marketplace? Interested in participating in the 2021 Business of Well-Being Showcase? Complete this Participation Interest Form or contact ciemason@gmu.edu. The deadline to enter is Monday, March 29 at 11:59pm.

Watch the 2020 Business of Well-Being Video Showcase!

The Business of Well-Being Initiative

Well-Being can be defined as building a life of vitality, purpose, resilience and engagement.

From fitness and food producers to home builders and app creators, countless companies and organizations strive to improve well-being for individuals, organizations and large groups of society. We segment ventures by the type of well-being they provide to their customers and have identified 6 areas of the business of well-being:

Emotional/Spiritual | Financial | Physical | Place-Based | Occupational | Social

The Business of Well-Being Collaborative

The Business of Well-Being Collaborative is a year-round initiative working with well-being innovators and entrepreneurs in the Mason community. The Collaborative provides students and alumni of all Mason schools and programs with expanded opportunities to work with other members, mentors, and faculty.

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Benefits of participating in the collaborative include:
  • Industry mentors specific to team needs and market
  • Access to seed stipends for customer discovery and development   
  • Faculty support and alumni mentors 
  • A community of peers to grow with and support         
  • Demo days and participation in a range of pitch competitions

The Collaborative is open to students and alumni of all Mason schools and programs. The Collaborative accepts applications on a year-round basis. Or contact ciemason@gmu.edu for more information.

The Business of Well-Being and The Markets

The Business of Well-Being and The Markets researches and communicates how well-being-based businesses perform in the public markets and examines these publicly traded stocks through the lens of the six areas of well-being.

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For more information, contact ciemason@gmu.edu or sign up for our dedicated Business of Well-Being Newsletter.