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Over the last 24 months, CIE has developed its Student Venture Program into a thriving, market based extra-curricular program teaching entrepreneurship skills, engaging businesses and community partners while directing 20% of its revenue to impact local environmental and educational causes.

Created with a small grant to support students in developing pollinator related products, the program has expanded into a one of a kind entrepreneurship, innovation and impact program managed by students from across Mason.

SVP provides participants an opportunity to complete a meaningful internship on campus while developing their professional skills, discovering their interests and goals, and better understanding their potential to impact the world around them through their work and creativity.


  • Accessible on campus experiential learning opportunities and internships focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and impact
  • Improve pedagogy, provide real world experience, not theory or role playing, while developing business and educational models that can scale and make impact
  • Meet the needs of participants, community and the marketplace (including employers)

Selected Results Thus Far

  • 41+ on campus internships provided in accounting/finance, HR, development and sales and product development
  • $18,000+ in revenues; $3,500+ in contributions for impact 20+ products developed (27+ SKUs); 13+ products have been sold for revenue
  • 41+ commercial and civic partners (including 3+ alumni ventures)
  • Professional development seminar for participants (sales, lean startup, resume/interviewing, marketing, social media analytics, startup life)

The Future

  • 4xs more participants in next 2 years; develop coursework to increase accessibility
  • Hire program manager specifically for SVP for next 2 years
  • Spin out to become independent operating entity partnered with school to award credit, certificates, badges and other offerings demanded by market

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