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Graduate Certificate in Accounting Analytics

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Program at a Glance

  • 12 credits
  • Fairfax campus
  • Program can be completed in 11 months
  • Fall start only
  • Courses taken in the accounting analytics certificate program can be applied towards the 10-course master’s in accounting degree program.

Pathway to MS in Accounting program:

Courses taken in the graduate certificate program can be applied towards the MS in Accounting program upon acceptance into the degree program. Applicants completing at least two certificate courses with grades of B or better will have their application requirements for the corresponding degree program reduced should the student decide to pursue the degree program.

About the Program

The Graduate Certificate in Accounting Analytics (GCAA) is for students and working professionals to pair their accounting knowledge and skills with data and analytical knowledge. The GCAA will provide a building block for master’s in accounting students and working professionals seeking a career change or advancement and provides a foundation to compete for current accounting employment opportunities.

Admission Deadlines and Application Requirements

We encourage you to review our admissions page for detailed information on admission deadlines and application requirements.

Certificate Course Requirements

Students must complete 12 credits from the following list of courses to complete the graduate certificate in accounting analytics.

Required Courses (12 credits):

ACCT 661: Accounting Analytics
If you have completed ACCT 361, or Mason equivalent, you will begin with ACCT 665 and complete ACCT 671, ACCT 771, and ACCT 781

ACCT 665: Advanced Accounting Analytics
Required Prerequisites: ACCT 661 or 361

ACCT 671: Managing Data Quality and Integrity
Required Prerequisites: ACCT 661, 361, MIS 310 or ACCT 665

ACCT 771: Audit Analytics
Required Prerequisites: ACCT 665 and 671

ACCT 781: Tax Analytics
Required Prerequisites: ACCT 665 and 671

A maximum of 3 graduate credits taken from Mason-recognized U.S. institutional accrediting agencies and AACSB accredited programs can be transferred into a graduate certificate program. Replacement credits may be taken from the elective courses listed above.

For more information about Virginia's Uniform CPA Exam, contact the Virginia State Board of Accountancy. We encourage all students interested in sitting for the CPA to submit their academic transcripts to the BOA to determine how many accounting and business credits are needed to be eligible to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam.


Graduate tuition rates apply for the graduate certificate in accounting analytics program. Maryland and Washington, D.C. residents qualify for in-state tuition.

This program has been approved for veteran benefits. Please direct questions to the Office of Military Services at 703-993-1316 or email military@gmu.edu.

In Partnership with UiPath

George Mason University is preparing students with in-demand skills for the accounting industry. In this pre-recorded webinar, learn about our partnership with UiPath and why robotic process automation is important for our students. Here are some highlights in the video:

  • 3:56 – Professor Karen Kitching speaks to how Mason prepares students for a bright future in partnership with UiPath.
  • 8:44 – Introduction of why we decided to showcase our student Theresa Nguyen’s software robotics she created as part of her work at the university as a research assistant.
  • 24:08 – The impact of automation on the accounting profession.