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MS in Accounting FAQ

The Masters in Accounting program at George Mason University's School of Business is offered as an on-campus program or online accounting degreeThe MS in Accounting program is designed to prepare tomorrow's global accounting professionals. It’s a masters degree in accounting that helps you meet the 150-credit licensing requirement and educate you in the key areas of business ethics and corporate governance.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about our masters in accounting program. If you have additional questions, please call us at 703-239-2670. 
  1. Q:Can I take Masters in Accounting courses without applying to the Masters in Accounting program?

    No. You must be an admitted Masters in Accounting student to take masters in accounting courses.

    Learn more about Mason's Masters in Accounting admissions requirements.

  2. Q:How do I qualify for in state tuition rates?

    Determination of residency status is made based on your responses to the domicile form that is part of the online application. If your residency changes after enrolling or if you do not agree with the domicile determination, you may appeal your status by calling the Domicile Office at 703-993-2464 or visiting the Domicile Office website.

  3. Q:How long will it take for me to complete Masters of Accounting program?

    Those students entering with a bachelor's degree in accounting, typically complete the 30 credit masters of accouting program in 11 months as a full-time student. Part-time students typically complete the program in two years.

    Applicants entering the part-time online program with an accounting degree will generally complete the program in 2 years. Applicants entering the part-time online program with a business degree and needing to take the pre-requisite courses will generally complete the program in 2-3 years. 

  4. Q:How much does the Mason Masters in Accounting program cost?

    Visit the MS in Accounting tuition page for cost information.

    For an estimate of additional cost of attendance, please visit Mason’s financial aid website. For updated tuition rates, please visit the Student Accounts website.

  5. Q:I have/am graduating with a bachelor's degree in accounting. Am I eligible for the Masters in Accounting program?

    Yes. Students with a bachelor’s degree in accounting are eligible for Mason's Masters in Accounting program. You may also be interested in the Mason MBA program.

  6. Q:Is the Mason MS in Accounting one of the top masters in accounting programs in the area?

    George Mason is one of only 25 percent of AACSB-accredited business schools worldwide with accreditation in business and accounting. The accounting accreditation requires a rigorous peer-review process and is evaluated every five years to ensure the masters of accounting program meets the high standards of the accrediting body.

    As one of only three accounting programs in the region with AACSB accounting accreditation, George Mason offers one of the best masters in accounting programs in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. George Mason is a top-ranked business school and top accounting school.

  7. Q:My degree is from outside of the U.S., how will I know if I am eligible to apply to the Masters in Accounting program?

    Your degree must be equivalent to a U.S. bachelor's degree in accounting. Applicants are responsible for evaluation of credits to ensure they meet the requirements for the Masters in Accounting program.