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Global Residency: A Quantum Leap

You will find the coursework rigorous and stimulating, but some of the best learning will take place miles from the Mason campus—in another part of the globe. An integral part of the Mason Masters in Management is our Global Residency Program.

The Global Residency: BMGT 695 - Global Residency

The Masters in Management degree is designed to teach you the fundamentals of business management in the global environment. You will gain business knowledge that will enhance the value of your undergraduate degree and broaden your career prospects.

This commitment is underscored by the global residency (BMGT 695 - Global Residency). This required three-credit course includes a week-long international study tour led by a faculty member. You meet business and government leaders, participate in seminars, and visit local and/or multi-national business.

The global residency requires a week-long study abroad experience. While venues change with the world economy, residencies may visit Europe, Asia, or South America. Some travel costs, such as lodging, meals and ground transportation, are included in your tuition. Students are responsible for airfare to and from the country.

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