George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

MS management program student

Gain a Broader Perspective

Experiential learning is a staple of the MS in Management program. Our faculty incorporate daily opportunities to connect business theory with reality and advocate real-world learning. High-impact activities outside the traditional classroom setting allow you to integrate theory with practice—to advance your leadership and management abilities.

Inside the classroom, role-playing, simulations, projects, and guest speakers are used to illuminate learning from textbooks, lectures, and discussions. Some professors also use the Harvard case study method in their instruction—which means you study the same cases Harvard business school students encounter in their program, derived from actual business situations.

An integral part of the program is the opportunity to gain an invaluable global perspective—and a rich appreciation for other cultures and points-of-view. Each component of the program explores the role of management in the complex world economy and examines the risks and opportunities inherent in global commerce.

You use your creativity and problem-solving skills to address the kinds of challenges you experience on the job, no matter which industry or where in the world your career takes you.