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Sher Khan Opening Doors Through Education
Greg Johnson - George Mason University - July 20, 2021

Learn how Sher Khan, MSM ’20, embodies what it means to be a School of Business Patriot and is helping those less fortunate achieve their dreams of higher education.


Researchship Mason graduate students get consultant training through new ‘researchship’ program
Anna Stolley Persky - George Mason University - May 27, 2021

With the pandemic, the MS in Management team gets creative to provide students with opportunities to get training through new “researchship” program.


Webster Jamaican American Alumna Takes Ownership of Culture
Greg Johnson - George Mason University - February 22, 2021

As the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, Gabrielle Webster (MSM ’16), holds her heritage dear to her heart and often taps into her cultural identity to provide a different perspective.


Farrow My Master's In Management Formed The Basis For My Consulting Career
Shannon Cook - BusinessBecause - Feb 16, 2021

George Mason University's MS in Management has responsible leadership at its core. With no business background, Kye Farrow used his master's degree to kick-start an HR consulting career.

Cooper Mrowka Baseball Transfer Going Pro in Business
Greg Johnson - George Mason University - August 13, 2020

Learn how Cooper Mrowka, MSM ’20, seized the opportunity his baseball career gave him in furthering his higher education as Mason prepared him to pursue his dream job.