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George Mason University’s Center for Government Contracting recently published a coronavirus-related report for government agencies and companies that contract with the government. The report provides detailed information on the Defense Production Act and its implications in the midst of the coronavirus [...]
One Year Later: Digital Credential Paying Dividends by Greg Johnson -- Mar 24th 2020
Being the first member of his family to attend and graduate college, Mike Fasil, BS information systems and operations management ’19, is no stranger to breaking ground in academics. Last spring, he added to his list of accomplishments by being the first graduate to receive a credential brand-new [...]
2020 Housing Challenge: Hackathon for Affordable Homes by Adrienne Benson -- Mar 20th 2020
Fairfax County, like much of metropolitan Washington, D.C., is facing an affordable housing shortage. The Housing and Community Development Office (HCDO) of the Fairfax County government sees the issue as one that the whole community can, and should, address together. To encourage and facilitate that [...]
Mahesh P. Joshi, an associate professor of global strategy and entrepreneurship, created BiggieBills while on vacation, after searching for years for an interactive strategy game to use in his classes. In December 2019, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office agreed and granted a patent for BiggieBills [...]
On February 18, 2020, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), held a lunchtime plant-based hamburger taste-test that drew 45 Mason students and staff. This is the fourth semester for the informal taste-test, which highlights the innovation trends in the food and beverage field [...]
The School of Business announced today that software company UiPath is donating $16.4 million in software licenses to help business students learn about robotic technology in classroom assignments and activities. With the donation from UiPath, undergraduate and graduate School of Business students [...]
Stephanie Zimmermann, BS decision science and management information systems ‘93, has long had a personal mission to improve the lives of others near and far. This trait is reinforced through her company’s business and their now prosperous partnership. Zimmermann co-founded Lend A Box with her sister [...]
On January 29, 2020, the School of Business' Office of Career Services held an etiquette dinner aimed at guiding participants through the rules of proper etiquette during formal situations, such as job interviews and networking events. Fifty-three Mason students and alumni attended this year [...]
Faculty Profile: Ioannis Bellos by Adrienne Benson -- Jan 30th 2020
When he first came to George Mason, Bellos was captivated. “When I interviewed at Mason, I noticed how collegial the department is, and I got the sense that I would have an opportunity to contribute to the School’s growth and development and not just be another face in a big crowd.” Not only was [...]
Staff Profiles: Ty-Tanisha Bonds by Adrienne Benson -- Jan 27th 2020
Ty-Tanisha Bonds loves books. She’s a voracious reader, too, but it’s important to note the distinction—she loves books. “I love the texture and the smell of books...I love going to the library. I literally start at “A” and start pulling out books that look interesting. I often take 10 books [...]