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Faculty Profile: Brad Greenwood

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Brad Greenwood

Brad Greenwood’s research examines the intended and unintended consequences of innovation. “In the past 25 years the Internet has afforded us a dramatic increase in connectivity.” Greenwood says. “My work tries to pivot on that a little bit. We are producing information at an unprecedented level and this has to affect how people think about problems and how they make decisions. We have so much access to everything that it creates spillover issues. I try to look at bias in decision-making and how it affects profit, plus offer perspective in the areas of population, health, and entrepreneurship.” As an associate professor in the Information Systems and Operations Management Unit, he currently teaches the core course MIS 303, Introduction to Information Systems. This, he says, returns him to his teaching roots working with undergraduates across majors. The class demystifies the subject a little bit, he says. He starts with basic principles of business and helps the students explore the idea of necessary competitive advantage by streamlining information management systems. “One of the ways that we think about doing that is operating very efficiently. One key to operating efficiently is exploiting things like databases and information resource systems.”

Greenwood did his PhD at the University of Maryland and spent some time on the faculty at Temple University in Philadelphia but he came to Mason three months ago from the University of Minnesota, where he spent the last two years on the faculty there. He loves being at George Mason and says, “It's been wonderful and so welcoming.” That’s true, of course, but there’s another reason Greenwood is happy to be here. “My wife has been in the D.C. area for our entire relationship, and now there is another little reason—a 10 and a half pound, five-week-old baby girl reason.”