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The Drive to Serve

Written by Greg Johnson on .

Matt and Judy Curry

Matt and Judy (BS in Business Administration ’90) Curry, the co-founding couple of Craftsman Auto Care, are grabbing headlines for all the right reasons. In addition to customer-friendly changes they made to their four-location chain of auto shops, the Currys are utilizing their position as leaders in the Northern Virginia community to selflessly serve. Throughout the hardships of the pandemic, the needs and morale of medical workers, first responders, and their company’s employees and customers remain at the front of their minds.

What is now known as the “Feed a Hero” fundraising campaign, began with an initial gift of 20 meals self-funded by Matt and Judy themselves. Those meals were sent to an Illinois hospital where Matt’s sister works as an ER nurse and they soon followed with another 20 meals delivered to Fair Oaks Hospital. Iconic local restaurants were quickly enlisted in partnerships to provide nutritious meals to hospitals, fire houses, police departments, and other first responders in the area.

Craftsman Auto Care

Approximately 100 meals have been delivered daily since the middle of March, and on some days, as many as 200. That is a lot of food to pay for, but thankfully the generous public has stepped up. By contributing to the crowdfunding page, anyone can pay for a meal for just $10. “We’ve heard the medical staffs at several hospitals tell us about how grateful they are and how it puts a smile on their faces,” says Judy. Cooks and restaurant employees suddenly have more hours of work, and the heroes they cater to have much appreciated delicious meals. Really, every individual involved is a hero.

While the “Feed a Hero” initiative has been a prime focus, the Currys still have a business to run and customers in need. Prior to COVID-19, free digital health inspections, shuttle services, and curbside service were already offered to customers—options now critical during the pandemic. The concierge option is something they had always wanted to do and it was implemented just a week before the nation started going into lockdown. This high level of customer convenience consists of the Craftsman employee picking up the customer’s vehicle, sending the digital inspection to the customer’s digital device, performing the approved maintenance, and ultimately dropping the vehicle back at the customer’s residence. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Craftsman Auto Care

Matt and Judy Curry are the type of business owners that Mason Business can be proud to be associated with. Instead of letting troubling times get them down, they consider the well-being of others. The couple is even transforming their car show dubbed “Cars & Coffee” to an online contest chock-full of prizes provided by local businesses. “Look for creative opportunities in the marketplace and ways you can help the community,” says Matt. “It’s vital to build relationships with the community you serve so you can assist in relevant ways.” Perhaps the most wonderful part about their leadership is how many others they inspire to serve as well.