Watch On-Demand: February 17, 2022 Frictionless Retail Panel


On Thursday, February 17, 2022, the Center for Retail Transformation at George Mason University's School of Business hosted a panel discussion on Frictionless Retail, sponsored by Microsoft. The panel featured candid conversations on factors leading to the rise of frictionless retail, the different categories of solutions, and factors to consider when deploying these solutions. 


The panel of experts included:

  • Pawel Grabowski, Head of Unmanned Solutions, Żabka
    Pawel Grabowski is the head of Unmanned Solutions at Żabka, the largest convenience chain store in Poland and a retailer which recently opened 25 autonomous stores under Żabka Nano and Żappka banners. Working in the field of modern technologies, artificial intelligence, management, and creating new ventures from scratch - this has been Pawel's daily business for many years. As part of the Żabka Future Business Incubator, Pawel is responsible for the strategy of commercialization of the concept of autonomous stores, their economy, and customer experience. In his career, he has worked with global clients on the transition to a technology platform-based economy, data-driven strategy development, and an omnichannel approach to customer service.
  • Raz Golan, CEO & Co-Founder, Shopic
    Raz Golan is the CEO & Co-Founder of Shopic, a computer vision-based Israeli startup whose AI-powered clip-on device turns any standard shopping cart into a smart cart. A veteran of 8200 unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps, Raz is a seasoned product leader with over a decade of experience in research, product management, intelligence, and R&D.
  • Daniel Lundh, Founder, Storekey
    Daniel Lundh is the Founder of Storekey, the pioneer in transforming physical retail into friction- and effortless shopping. The Storekey platform has been powering autonomous retail since 2019 and is behind Europes largest unmanned grocery store chain, Lifvs. Daniel Lundh is a seasoned business leader who founded his first company in 1999. He has international experience across several industries and markets in building businesses from infancy to profitability.
  • Shish Shridhar, Global Retail Lead, Microsoft for Startups
    Shish Shridhar is the Global Retail Lead at Microsoft for Startups. Shish has over 15 years of experience working with the top retailers around the world to help solve business challenges using AI, machine learning, and emerging technologies. Shish has been with Microsoft Corp for the last 24 years focused on bridging business challenges with technology solutions across different industries and geographies.