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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize many commercial industries as well as defense. It is important, however, to examine the reality of AI in a use case that demonstrates the capability of the technology as well as the readiness of a DoD user to adopt it for a purpose that impacts military readiness.

Predictive maintenance is one such use case. Predictive maintenance refers to the use of data-driven, proactive maintenance methods that are designed to analyze the condition of equipment and help predict when maintenance should be performed. Military services were already purchasing data analysis tools focused on predictive maintenance, but this trend has accelerated with the advent of AI and machine learning. Building on the work of the recently named Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), for example, the Air Force has significantly increased the number of weapons systems using AI/ML to address predictive maintenance. Has AI/ML helped predictive maintenance attain new levels of capabilities and readiness for DoD customers?


Tim Goddette
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Sustainment

Katharina McFarland
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition

Matthew Zeiler
Founder and CEO, Clarifai

Jerry McGinn
Executive Director & Moderator, Center for Government Contracting

Background Information:

Center White Paper: "Don't Get Ahead of the Data": Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Maintenance in DoD