MKTG 450: Marketing Consulting Course


Spring 2023 - Section Cancelled

MKTG 450: Marketing Consulting
CRN: 22022
Meets: Wed / 1:30-4:10pm
Instructor: Prof. Michael Stievater

About This Course

Interested in learning how to consult for companies? In this course, students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with a real client on a marketing consulting project to address pressing marketing challenges the client business may be facing. We will take a closer look at consulting frameworks and then students will work in groups to understand the marketing issue, break it down into meaningful questions, and then engage in a marketing strategic planning exercise to propose actionable solutions. A key element of this course includes close interactions with the client's marketing executives and senior leadership team.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduce students to a professional consulting engagement
  • Guidance from an instructor with extensive consulting experience
  • Creation of real-world consulting project, which can be showcases on resumes.
  • Enhance interpersonal skills in a group dynamic, interact with marketing professionals and demonstrate high level presentation skills

*Open to all students who have completed MKTG 303 with a minimum grade of C.
*Eligible elective for Marketing Concentration. Eligible elective for Marketing Minor.