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School of Business Announces Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series

Written by Greg Johnson on .

Ranking among the most diverse universities in the nation, George Mason University has a lot to celebrate for “Celebrate Diversity Month” this April. The university also recognizes that diversity becomes a much mightier asset when everyone better understands how to work effectively together and be more inclusive. In that spirit, the School of Business is launching a month-long Diversity and Inclusion Series to assist alumni, students, faculty, and staff members in becoming the best team players they can be within the Mason community and beyond. Spearheading the workshop series are the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the School of Business Alumni Chapter and the School of Business Office of Student Success and Academic Services.

Over the course of four sessions, one every Wednesday afternoon, a different topic will be discussed in-depth with its own expert leading the conversation. In order, the workshop subjects are:

Overcoming your own personal biases – April 7

Working within a diverse team – April 14

Managing a diverse team and be effective in a diverse organization – April 21

Contributing and being an ally in a diverse community – April 28

Because each workshop session builds upon the previous week’s material, attendees are encouraged to tune in each week if possible. “We wanted to show the ripple effects of actions,” says Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair Jennifer Rhodes, EMBA ‘05. “These skills can make attendees more effective, efficient, and experienced when working with a diverse team.”

By learning how to relate to a colleague’s unique perspective and experience, the attendee will be positioned to be a more productive and supportive colleague. Regardless of background, there is a lot they can learn and improve upon through training. “It helps students and professionals be more aware of their unconscious bias and other barriers towards others and be able to be more open to new and different people and ideas,” says Julia Metrinko, a senior studying business management, also serving on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

In addition to making colleagues feel more comfortable and understood, the acquisition of these interpersonal skills can help promote the attendee to higher leadership positions. “When someone knows how to reach others, understand unique perspectives and celebrate diversity, they can broaden their impact,” says Rhodes. “Leading with diversity in mind can positively impact and strengthen any team.”

Make sure to register before the first workshop session on April 7.