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Robert Gaudian is a media professional who has been a pioneer in the development of web-based systems for the worldwide distribution and licensing of digital multimedia. A leader in the field of digital asset management and media rights management, he launched ground-breaking online systems for licensing and distributing video, audio and images via the Internet for a number of companies, including: UPI, Clear Channel Communications and Granada Television in the UK.

Gaudian has also been involved in the design, analysis and implementation of new content distribution technologies for major industry players, including National Public Radio, the Associated Press, Telcordia (formerly Bellcore), AVID/iNews, the Department of Health and Human Services, the FCC (participated in testing new digital delivery technologies for the Emergency Broadcast System) and a host of other networks and companies.

Over the past twenty years Gaudian has acquired significant experience and success in the broadcast media building IT, telecom and satellite networks for syndication and content distribution. He started his broadcast career in public broadcasting with NPR where he was instrumental in the launch of one of the first shared use satellite sales initiatives in the industry. The program became a successful commercial enterprise for NPR and still operates for the company today.

Gaudian has syndicated time-sensitive news video to stations and networks worldwide along with weekly franchised entertainment and technology features. He has also produced and syndicated radio features to commercial and non-commercial radio stations, done voice-over work for a number of radio and corporate video projects, and produced PSAs for government and non-profit organizations.

Gaudian has worked for large media companies as well as the small start-up and is well connected in public broadcasting, the commercial media, IT and numerous other industries. He has founded companies and is well versed in the promotion of new products and services on limited budgets by developing successful marketing and public relations campaigns using a variety of media, trade shows, strategic partners, and the press.

Gaudian is a driven entrepreneur who has excelled at creating, branding and launching new services and initiatives for large and small companies. He has a proven ability to work at the senior management level to secure funding, clients and Fortune 500 corporate alliances for products and services ranging from concepts to fully functioning systems. As both a sales/marketing executive and company visionary he has effectively lead teams of engineers and programmers in the development and implementation of new telecom and IT systems and custom client solutions.

Gaudian's pioneering work in digital asset management has lead to numerous interviews with trade press and newspapers as well as presentations to industry trade conferences on the subject of digital convergence and content management and distribution technologies via the Internet. He has built successful management teams consisting of experienced chief executives from major media and telecommunication companies.

Research Interests

  • Digital asset management


  • BBA - Business Administration, College of William and Mary