George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship Research

The center provides a forum and advances thought leadership and research on new trends, practices, technologies and policies that affect the ways our communities and buildings in metropolitan Washington, D.C., are planned, designed, constructed, and used with a view towards improving our region's quality of life.

The center is interested in topics that: 

(a) explore the role of real estate development in addressing relevant regional issues such as housing affordability, more efficient transportation networks and infrastructure, diversifying the employment and industry base, smart density, and sustainable and resilient design

(b) promote innovation in real estate development, design, construction and building use

(c) examine the impact on real estate development of trends in technology, the economy, and demographics

Priority topics include, but are not limited to:

1. Designing and constructing buildings and communities to use resources more efficiently and sustainably and to reduce the environmental impact of development

2. Policies and methods to improve and expand the affordability and availability of residential housing

3. Innovative design and operation of properties and communities 

4. Adaptive re-use of obsolete office and retail properties

5. Impact of technology trends on the design of building and communities

6. New designs for industrial properties addressing last-mile logistics and to preserve a viable urban industrial base

7. Design, construction and operation of the built environment to attract new industry clusters to the DC region

8. Impact of demographic changes on design and development

9. Improvement of public infrastructure and transportation networks

10. Ecologically sustainable development in rural area corridors