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(Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Benjamin F. Tompkins Real Estate Best Practices Lecture has been cancelled. See you at the 2021 Lecture)

2019 Benjamin F. Tompkins Real Estate Best Practices Lecture:
Looking Back and Moving Forward - Building Better Communities

Join us and gain insights on the engagement among local government, private industry, and community that is crucial to the success of impactful real estate development.

“I came to appreciate the importance of stable, dependable land use policies coupled with governance that engages with and is considerate of all stakeholders when considering change.” – from the Bulova Byline May 2019

Bulova headshot 2016 2

With a more than three-decade career in public service, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova has worked with local communities and the real estate industry to guide development during a period of rapid growth and change for Fairfax County. She served three terms as Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, and previously served as the Braddock District Supervisor from 1988-2009.

During her tenure, Chairman Bulova has helped guide the county in transforming older commercial areas into vibrant, mixed-use, transit-friendly communities, offering more lifestyle choices for residents of all ages and abilities and in expanding the availability of travel options including Phase II of the Silver Line, bus, sidewalks, trails and bike facilities. She has played a large role in attracting jobs and fostering the growth of exciting new industry sectors, investing in a top-tier education system, and supporting county services such as parks, libraries and public safety to ensure Fairfax County continues to be the safest community of its size in the U.S. She navigated the worst economic downturn in this country since the Great Depression with Fairfax County’s triple AAA bond rating intact.

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