George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Advanced Real Estate Workshops on Investment and Development

Instructors:  Coleman Rector, Mark Hassinger, and Dave Sislen

Featured in The Washington Post, our Advanced Real Estate Workshops on Investment and Development is flexible program that prepares real estate professionals for new levels of leadership in their careers and within their organizations.

  • Twenty (21) hours of intensive and interactive study
  • take individual sessions or the entire series
  • receive a certificate of completion (for completion of all 3 sessions)

Discover how the George Mason and the Institute for Real Estate Executive Education can help expand your capabilities, challenge your thinking, and drive your company's success.

Session 1: Sept. 11, 2020 Real Estate Development Process
  Session 2: Sept. 18, 2020 Real Real Estate Investment and Finance
  Session 3: Sept. 25, 2020 Real Estate Practice and Entrepreneurship

"I was able to enhance my real estate vocabulary, expand my network, and develop skills essential to success in the industry. The professors were engaging, entertaining, and knowledgeable, and the students represented differing backgrounds and perspectives.

Most importantly, as a recent graduate with limited industry experience, I found direction and newfound confidence after attending the seminars. About three weeks later, I secured a new job at a top-notch mortgage investment firm. I (sincerely) recommend the RE3 Institute for anyone looking to continue to increase their opportunities in real estate."
-T.B. Davis, past participant

These workshops are designed as intensive sessions that offer only the most relevant material from leading graduate MBA and MS Real Estate programs to offer both technical and analytical skills; immediately improving your value in the marketplace. Our faculty are selected not only for their professional qualifications but, more importantly, for their capacity to convey technical material in an engaging and interesting manner that blends real estate theory and practice. 

· Develop a basic understanding of the theory of real estate investment and finance; particularly the relationship between money, time, & risk. Develop basic quantitative capabilities with all elements associated with evaluating the risks and benefits of various means of financing real estate transactions and apply these elements to current events and governmental policies associated with real estate and finance.

· Develop factual knowledge and an appreciation for the principles and vocabulary of the development process including appropriate steps, timing, and cost associated with developing a real estate asset.

· Evaluate the characteristics that successful real estate entrepreneurs and organizations possess and convey these tools in a “real world” format in order to appreciate the unique combination of intelligence, leadership abilities, creativity, charisma, and financial resources that help create successful real estate projects.


Location:   Van Metre Hall, George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia Campus