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Vertical Industrial Logo 2 002 Vertical Industrial: Building for an   Urban Landscape

February 8, 2018
District Architecture Center, 421 7th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 2004

A symposium on making industrial development work in the city, co-sponsored by the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and George Mason University’s Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship.

Going multi-story and developing vertical industrial in urban environments may be in our future with consumer demand for same-day delivery, corporate need for last-mile logistics, and a desire of cities to preserve their shrinking industrial base. These trends require warehouse and industrial buildings to be located closer to dense urban populations with limited available land at extremely high costs.

How do we develop the industrial properties of the future in these urban locations?

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Innovative design, new land use policies, pioneering developers, and going vertical and multi-story provide the answers to the future of urban industrial projects.

· Hear from industry experts on the last-mile business case for developing multi-story industrial buildings.

· Learn from architects about how multi-story industrial projects are designed overseas and how they can be designed in the United States.

· Discuss the lessons learned from the construction of a new six-story flex industrial building.

· Hear about one of the first industrial and residential mixed-use projects in North America which was recently completed.

· Learn from policy makers on the need to preserve and re-develop industrial spaces in urban locations.

Special discounted registration for George Mason Students!  To register, go to https://www.aiadc.com/VerticalIndustrial