George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Business Analytics Concentration

The business analytics concentration provides students with expertise that cuts across all business disciplines. In our data-driven world, the cutting-edge knowledge and skills to gather, manage, and interpret data to deliver business insights are vital to organizational success.

As a Mason business analytics concentration student, you will learn:

  • Data management and governance
  • Data mining techniques
  • Econometrics and related statistical techniques
  • Enterprise systems and applications
  • Data visualization
  • Market research analysis
  • Software such as Python and Tableau

The business analytics concentration is grounded in an understanding of various business areas, and uses knowledge and skills related to analytic tools to:

  • Identify business questions that can be answered by data
  • Identify appropriate data to answer those questions
  • Evaluate the quality of the data
  • Analyze data, form meaningful conclusions, and communicate those conclusions to relevant parties