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Management Information Systems Minor

Advances in technology have been transforming the business world. Information technology permeates virtually every aspect of a business. Regardless of your chosen field, knowledge of information systems drives intelligent, innovative, and efficient solutions. A solid foundation in technology and information systems makes students more marketable and attractive to employers in an increasingly digital economy, opens them to new career options, and improves their chances for career advancement.

The MIS minor offers Business students and other Mason undergraduate students a focused set of courses that provide them the foundational knowledge and skills in management information systems. A minor in MIS provides students with not only complementary knowledge of how information systems are designed, developed, and leveraged in businesses, but also robust technology skills that are applicable across industries

Program at a glance:

  • Focus is on the fundamental knowledge and skills in management information systems
  • Available to both business majors and non-business majors
    • Students majoring in ISOM or in Business with a MIS or OSCM concentration are not eligible for the minor
  • 15 credits (five courses)
  • Requires sophomore standing

Management Information Systems Minor Requirement

Important Steps to Declare a Business Minor