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  Registering for Classes


Registering for Classes

Welcome to Mason! We hope that you are excited to get started registering for classes. You can find a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to register for your classes. It can be found here.

 Special issues that you should be aware of while registering are:

  • Prerequisites: Always make certain you have the prerequisites for the courses you are planning to take and be sure to register for any missing prerequisites for the upcoming semester.
  • Linked Courses: If you are registering for a linked course (a lecture and lab or recitation), you need to register for the lecture first and then the lab or recitation.
  • Location: Make certain on which campus the course is being taught. You can not have back-to-back classes if one is on the Fairfax campus and the other at the Prince William campus.
  • Waitlist: If a class is full you can put yourself on the waitlist. Check the Registrar’s site for the university waitlisting instructions. The School of Business waitlist procedures are different than other departments.
  • Add/Drop: Be aware of the last day to add and/or drop. Adding/dropping classes after the deadline should only be used when extenuating circumstances beyond your control prevented you from adjusting your schedule by the deadlines. Permission to add/drop courses after the deadline is rarely given.

Adding Yourself to a Waitlist

If a section of a course is full you will need to put yourself on a waitlist. You can find a step-by-step guide that shows you how to get on a waitlist here

Understanding your Degree Works 

As a degree-seeking student at Mason, you are responsible for knowing the requirements for your degree program and making sure that you are taking the courses your program requires for graduation.

  • For directions on how to better understand your degree works click here


School of Business majors sometimes need overrides to register for courses due to numerous factors including attempt limits, substitutions, waivers, and may more. Our registration system is not able to detect the issue and it requires a manual override from an academic advisor. These overrides can be requested in person or by emailing masonbus@gmu.edu. Please note: overrides are never guaranteed and are not provided for non-school of business courses or course sections that are full. Overrides can only be issued for one semester at a time, so if a student gets an override for BUS 303 but doesn’t take the course, the student will need another override to be able to register in another semester.