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Learning Strategies and Resources for Success

The School of Business and George Mason University are here to support you in reaching your goals. There are many ways to reach your success and resources around campus to help you throughout your time at Mason. The Student Success team here within the School of Business is dedicated to connecting students to these resources and providing various tools to assist students in diverse ways. 


Academic Skills

Time Management:

One of the biggest areas we see students needing support in, proper time management is crucial towards reaching graduation. Between school, work, family, and other life considerations, students are busier today than ever before. Below are some suggestions for managing your time effectively:

      Balance Classes for student success website

Study Tips:

 Find the best way to study for your own learning is a skill that often goes overlooked. Every student has their own unique way of learning and this is true of studying as well. Finding the study process that is best for you can mean the difference between letter grades. Below are some ways for you to start developing your best study process:

Note Taking in College:

No matter what type of course or the style of the professor, proper note taking is critical to being successful. Whether taken in the classroom or as part of your study process, appropriate notes allow for a full comprehending, synthesizing, and application of course concepts. There are several ways to tackle your notes. Please find some examples below:


Goal Setting:

Success can be measured through the goals you set. By establishing clear and attainable goals, and then exceeding them, you are able to establish the path you want to follow and then evaluate how your progress is down your chosen path. Here are some helpful links to assist you in creating your goals:



Success is influence by perspective and belief. Mindset refers to instilling in yourself the belief that you can accomplish what you set out to do. Research shows that by putting in effort and seeking to learn, the mind can grow. The below links seek to connect you with ways to do this!



George Mason University provides access to a diverse set of resources to assist students in all areas. Please find below some on-campus resources that can assist with various academic skills: